How to Play Dungeon

The Dungeon Players' Guide


Items are physical things you interact with in any number of ways. Depending on what they are, you might Eat or Drink them, Get or Give them, Inflate or Burn them, carry other Items in them, or very many other possible things with them.

These are some of the most basic Item types you'll interact with:

  1. Food, in several varieties. Unlike TriadCity or Midgaard, you don't get hungry in Dungeon. That doesn't mean characters you encounter don't.
  2. Containers, of several varieties. We won't give away spoilers here. Try Putting things inside other things.
  3. Weapons, of many varieties. Unlike TriadCity, weapon Skills are unnecessary. All weapons are lethal.
  4. Musical instruments, keys, money, treasures... You get the idea.

Items in Dungeon do not decay if unused.

Note that you cannot take Dungeon Items out of the Dungeon World. If you try, they'll simply disappear. You'll have to Restore your last Save point to get them back. Be mindful of the consequences of journeys through the Multiverse.