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Magic Dessolving into the Earth  XML
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TriadCity Character
Ive been a Herbalist for some time, however I never thought I would question things such as this.

To make a Herbalist Sachet of Herbs you must Ritualy Cleanse the room and then Draw a Magic Circle to focus energy into the Sachet right? (while having meditative mind)

Soon after, or at least in a time after, the Magic Dessolves into the earth. Now, ive read books relating to this kind of thing. Normaly when there are a large consentration of used magic laying around in the earth, it creates some strange things.

Very Stange things.

So, this is a message to anyone with any magical knowledge (Dee for example, sorry to put you on the spot.) Be careful!

I dont want to see any Magicly Enhanced Spiders any time soon... or anything else for that matter...

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