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TriadCity Character
Since the curiosity of a certain catgirl wanted to know what was in the room above the dead adventurer in TOW she did happen to see a statue with an interesting description...

Nixon debates Kruschev in an American exhibition kitchen
Standing inside a modern-looking kitchen highlighting automated appliances, American Vice President Richard Nixon debates Soviet Premier Nikita Kruschev over the merits of private enterprise.

Kruschev argues, "Your American houses are built to last only twenty years, so that builders can sell new houses at the end of that period. We build firmly. We build for our children and grandchildren."

Nixon responds, "American houses last for more than 20 years, but, even so, after twenty years, many Americans want a new house or a new kitchen. Their kitchen is obsolete by that time.... The American system is designed to take advantage of new inventions and new techniques."

Kruschev continues, "In Russia, all you have to do to get a house is to be born in the Soviet Union. You are entitled to housing... In America, if you donĂ½t have a dollar you have a right to choose between sleeping in a house or on the pavement. Yet you say we are the slave to Communism!"

Nixon replies, "To us, diversity, the right to choose, the fact that we have 1,000 builders building 1,000 different houses, is the most important thing. We don't have one decision made at the top by one government official. This is the difference."

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