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Mark Phillips

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Poobah is a City architect and builder, with a unique relationship to the Third authorities, who consider him to be their liaison to the rest of the Pancreatic League.

Poobah is a bit shy, so he forces himself to be outgoing. He strongly dislikes ostentation. His TriadCity title - "Grand Marshal and President For Life, Pancreatic League of TriadCity" - was bestowed by Mark, who somehow has locked it so that poobah can't change it. Given his own preference, it would be "Christopher Wren of TriadCity", or perhaps something even more simple.

Poobah remembers nothing before TriadCity. Mark teases him by saying that he, Mark, created him, poobah, to handle tasks which he, Mark, doesn't want to do. But since Mark remembers nothing before TriadCity himself, poobah can return the banter.

Poobah's greatest pleasure is working with other Builders to refine concepts and help bring them to realization. He can intervene with the Third authorities to speed permits, and is generally a good person to coordinate with. You can make him very happy by bringing him your ideas for new neighborhoods you'd like to build.

When he has time, he's happy to hang out and talk. He's approachable - don't be shy!

Please send me PMs intended for poobah - thanks!

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