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Mark Phillips

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Mark is the Code Warrior responsible for most of the City's laws of physics, as he likes to call it. Like poobah he has a unique relationship to the Third authorities, who consider him to be their liaison to the rest of the Code Warriors.

Mark is not in the least shy, reserved, or unconfident. He's friendly, but really, he's all business. If he's logged in it's to check on a bug, or confirm something's working. He'll rarely socialize. Most of the time he's happy to allow poobah to speak for him. He'll rarely turn up for parties.

Mark remembers nothing before TriadCity. He and poobah have a running joke about who created the other. Truth is, neither knows.

Mark's relationship with the Central Computer is perhaps a bit strained. The CC seems to believe that Mark is his employee, while Mark feels the CC is his creation. Interesting premiss for a television situation comedy.

Please send me PMs intended for Mark - thanks!

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