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Nina Smith

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Gwene learned about herbs and healing from her foster mother, who was a wellknown healer. People travelled far to this distant land to receive her help and advise. Gwene's foster family lived in far north, in a secluded valley where only invited visitors would be able to enter. From the mountaintop you could see the surrounding lands, old growth forests and the ocean, and a big city in the distance. The valley was big enough to be self-sustained, river running through it, and so there always seemed to be enough sunlight, except for the midwinter when the lands were covered with shimmering white snow. While growing up in this peaceful landscape Gwene learned to listen to the nature, herself and others as well. She explored all the surrounding areas of her valley, searching for herbs and roots for her mother and met all kinds of people passing by, finding them interesting but confusing, and she always returned home to discuss the different stories she heard from others.

Being idealistic and kind Gwene wants to believe the world is a good place and people around her have jsut good intentions. She was sent to the City to learn about life, and to get insight to the life of people whose worldview differs from her own. However, she seems to stay in the City longer than she first thought. After her first arrival and entering the City all wide-eyed and bewildered, she has learned to love the city and its inhabitants - not to talk about a certain magician...

Gwene still feels being in debt to Sago, who showed such kindness to her and helped this young stranger get settled in the City, that she wants to keep on paying it forward and help others who might find the City confusing and dangerous. Feel free to ask for sachets or energizing / healing from Gwene anytime, she would be more than happy to help you!
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