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Lisa Chau

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Chiensha, maybe the most experienced Thief in the game although not the highest level. A lone wolf, he goes where others don't and lives to not tell about it.

He's been five levels down the Rat King's burrow by himself and lived to return. He's also gone deep enough into the Tree of Wealth (by himself) to learn that he's not strong enough to carry the loot. He owns a secret house built for him by poobah years ago, but almost never goes there because the milk is spoiled. He can get you any rare herb in the game world, but he might not, even if he likes you, because he's usually somewhere where it's not easy to be. He denies having the Thief role and claims he came to riches by buying Apple at $7/share in the time of Doctor Gil Amelio.

A loner, he doesn't talk much and has never grouped once.

He's been inside the prisons many times and has the tattoos to prove it. He's never been arrested and is very proud of his spotless record.

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Chiensha, Moorea, Vicodin, Xanax, Zoloft.
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