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Kata Sällman

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Laia has flaming red hair and sparkling emerald green eyes. She is petite and very delicately build. Her movements are graceful and very precise. She is easy to approach and you can tell that she loves to be around people. Her smile is contagious.

Laia came to the City to live with her sister, Ria. Due to Ria's untimely death she is now left all alone. She is taking care of Ria's Black and tan puppy, Lobo. They only have each other now, so they have become unseparable. She carries him wherever she goes.

Laia usually thinks twice before she acts, she has learned the hard way that it can be very dangerous to be too spontaneous. She is supposed to be a thief but she doesn't want anyone to be harmed by her actions, so she has made up her mind not to use her considerable skills.

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