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Nina Smith

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Ilse is something very different from what she appears to be. When you look at her, you see a woman with striking beauty, yet she manages to walk around unnoticed. Something in her appearance disturbs your mind while your eyes enjoy her looks.

Her long and thick medium brown hair with sun-kissed highlights is often tied into a bun on the nape of her neck. Her long fingers are tucking away the stray hair framing her contagious smile and high cheekbones. Her curved, medium arched eyebrows draw your attention to her bright mischievous eyes making you forget what you wanted to ask. Her fresh flowery scent suggests time spent outdoors and makes you think about a moonlit garden with flowering trees. Her voice comforts you and makes you feel relaxed, thinking of walking in that garden. As she turns away you have a feeling of loss you cannot quite explain.

From very young age Ilse was taught about the true nature of things. Her grandmother kept reminding her about the differences of what we see and how things really are. As humans we only perceive a narrow wavelength of light, and almost never consider the fact of particles being a big part of the phenomenon we perceive as visible light. She began practicing the manipulation of vision among other human senses, and by her early teens was capable of managing big crowds of people at once, making them see, hear and smell exactly what she wanted to.

The grandmother, who instructed Ilse about the breathings of the moon, always emphasized the importance of using Ilse’s skills to make this world a better place. Coming from a long tradition of women working hard to restore the balance in the world, Ilse is very focused on her mission. Her ambition to fix what is not working and her skills in doing that will take her far someday.

If nothing comes to her way and she gets to use her full power, things might change around her. Be very careful! She might tempt you into things you would never had done otherwise. And you wouldn't even realize it wasn't your idea to begin with…
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