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Mark Phillips

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Here's an explanation of each item you can buy with Reward Points:

* "rp thirst": sets your thirst to 0.
* "rp dinars": deposits 100 Dinars to your bank account.
* "rp health": restores 500 health points; will not raise health higher than your normal maximum.
* "rp torch": adds a small torch to your inventory.
* "rp hunger": sets your hunger to 0.
* "rp energy": restores 500 energy points; will not raise energy higher than your normal maximum.
* "rp practice": adds a practice to your available total.
* "rp perfect 0": exp over level set to "perfect" 0.
* "rp small display case": display cases keep valuables safe from the weeding of hoards; you must be in one of your Player House rooms; the case will be permanently added to the room.
* "rp reset drift": sets your alignment drift to 0.
* "rp recall": transports you immediately to the Origin Stone; possible side effects include lowered energy and stuttering.
* "rp boost": temporarily increases max health and energy by 500
* "rp 2x exp": one hour of double exp bonus
* "rp small safe": safes keep valuables safe from the weeding of hoards; unlike display cases, they lock.
* "rp pardon": removes you from CrimeNet's wanted list, and releases you from prison.
* "rp medium display case": holds more items than a small one.
* "rp large display case": holds more items than a medium one.
* "rp medium safe": holds more items than a small one.
* "rp large safe": holds more items than a medium one.
* "rp crimenet bioscanner": wearable item which reports thieves or attackers to CrimeNet.
* "rp crimenet detector" carryable item which indicates whether CrimeNet is active in the current room.
* "rp stealth box": holdable item which increases dexterity, hide, sneak, peek and steal skills; you must have good See Skill to use it.

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Lisa Chau

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The 2x exp boost rocks. Just sayin'.

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Eetu Lappalainen

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