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Kata Sällman

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[Edit by Lisa: I'll post a running list of what we know here at the top. Kata's OP is below the dotted line.]

Bandages: fast heal; breast.
Black Flag: strength; forearm.
Cat: sneak; chest.
Circle of People with Linked Arms: NW Union member (do not attack!!); cheek.
Dagger: damroll; arm.
Ebony Dollar Sign: marker?? (I don't know of what); wrist.
Fingers: steal; wrist.
FVC: marks a fugitive slave, "FVC" is "fugitivus"; forehead.
Geometrical Design: charisma; cheek.
Geometrical Design (Maori): dexterity; forearm.
Geometrical Design (Maori): strength; arm muscle.
Geometrical Design (Maori family history): wisdom; cheek.
Ghost: hide; thigh.
Hand Slapping Fingers: protect from theft; back.
Jumprope: dexterity; ankle.
Key: lockpick; forearm.
Lantern: see in dark; cheek.
Lightning Bolt: max energy; forearm.
Lonely Teardrop: see; cheek.
Mermaid: charisma; arm muscle.
Red Flag: strength; forearm.
Ship's Anchor: charisma; forearm.
Shoes with Wings: flee; lower leg.
Spectacles: intelligence; cheek.
Tank: constitution; neck.
Three Dots ("mi vida loca"): dexterity; wrist.
Third Eye: see, meditate; forehead.
White Flag: strength; forearm.


Tetiroa in NW White Plaza 2nd floor has some nice and affordable tattoos for you

She has some Maori designed tattoos to boost your strenght, wisdom or dexterity. Each tattoo boost the stat for 2 points + gives 2 charisma

In NE near the prison gate you can get some cool tattoos to enhance your abilities;

a lantern to enhance your see skill
a bandage to improve your ability to heal
spectacles to improve your ability to learn
winged shoes to improve your Flee skill

The ones in NE are a bit more expensive but they are also more powerful

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Nina Smith

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Also in Merchant Square (NW) Kat does lantern tattoos that are more affordable than the NE prison gate, and also tank tattoos to boost CON and ARM. (good aligned only)
Lisa Chau

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The NE and NW prisons (not PUNishment, the real one) have inmates who'll ink 'criminal' tattoos for peek, steal, sneak, backstab, parry. They're expensive. As far as I know there are none there for 'magic' - no harm or heal that I've found.

It's easy to get into and out of NE, just bribe the guards. As far as I know you must get arrested to get into NW, and serve your time to get out.

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Lisa Chau

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There's a shop called 'Prison Ink' in a dark arcade (if I remember) near the NE prison. It sells tattoos for see in the dark, flee, and some others. Mostly 'criminal' tattoos I believe.

Except... The bandages tattoo sold there is expensive - as much as a player house! - but awesome. It's major fast regen. Two of those, you'll never rest again.

And... The lantern tattoo there is permanent see in the dark, for an affordable price.

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Lisa Chau

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I added a list at the top of Kata's OP. I'll try to keep it up to date as we learn new things.

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Eetu Lappalainen

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thank you!!!!

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