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Eetu Lappalainen

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In life Koltira was a Valiant Defender of his homeland of Quel'Thalas, and took to the field during the brutal undead Scourge invasion. He was killed by enemy forces only to be reanimated as a powerful Death Knight under the evil Deathlord's sway. Despite being an servant of the Scourge, Koltira came to develop a strong bond with the living. Along with a few Death Knights, Koltira broke free from the Deathlord's grasp when his free will was restored to him, by a Paladin of the Light.

Soon after he got his freedom, Koltira married Sylvanas. Another undead Elf. They were happily married for several years, until Koltira made the mistake of bringing his wife the wrong labeled refreshments. Sylvanas locked Koltira in a dungeon and tortured him for 3 years.

One day Koltira woke up, realized that he was free once again.
Now he wonders Triad City, sworn to defend the Light and the living.

TC Characters;
Koltira - Alive
Djev - Dead
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