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Lisa Chau

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TriadCity gives attackers a (large!) boost if their opponent is unready for the attack. Sleeping, resting, sitting, and so on. DikuMUD seems not to care about posture. I'd never realized before that the Shire Shiriffs are seated, and the Country Bumpkins are asleep until attacked. It seems to make no difference.

Meghan and I have prevailed on the Code Warriors to remove advantages for all postures except sleep when fighting in Midgaard. Attackers still have an advantage, because in TC, characters not ready for fights lose a round of attack while leaping to their feet. To work around this, we've changed about a dozen mobs whose initial postures are not standing. We've also changed their descriptions, for example from "is sitting here" to "is here". This is a little unrealistic when the mob is intended to sit behind a desk, but we've worked with it as best we can.

The point is to make combat in Midgaard behave more like the original.

We're playing them side-by-side, and: it's pretty close!

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