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Meghan Culber

Joined: 2019.12.01 00:00:00
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Lisa and I would like to thank the SmartMonsters guys for letting us clean up the Midgaard "database" files.

These were written between about 1995 and 2005 by different people with different editors and, let's just say it out loud, different spelling abilities. They're full of typos and misspellings which detract from "immersion". Lisa and I have gone through about 500 files fixing the ones we find - many thousands, so far. We've completed rooms and mobiles, on to items next. We find the fixed-up world easier to interact with.

Mark and Gary - thanks for letting us do this!
Lisa Chau

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Thanks also for letting us re-write some of the areas we believe can be improved. And replace some others altogether. It's slow going because we don't have much time to contribute, but it's fun and we like the difference we're making!

Chiensha, Moorea, Vicodin, Xanax, Zoloft.
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