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Can I disable the backspace key?

Some browsers provide a handy helpful feature nobody asked for: the backspace key is a hot key for the Back button. It moves you to the previous page you visited. Woo hoo! - it'll log you right out of TC, if you're not careful. It can be pretty annoying.

How to turn the friggin' thing off?

Depends on yr browser. These tips are provided by TC veteran Betsy G.:

Firefox: Go to about:config and change the value for browser.backspace_action from "0" to "2"

Opera: Go to Menu -> Settings -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Shortcuts. Click "Edit" next to the Keyboard Setup list. Search for "Backspace". Select the result matching your platform (e.g., "Platform Windows-Unix-MCE, Backspace" or "Platform Mac, Backspace") and then double-click the Actions column and remove "| Back" from the action.

Chrome: Betsy says: I do not actually use Chrome, so I have not personally tested this. A friend told me about an extension here: BackspaceMeansBackspace. We haven't tried it either, so we're not vouching.

IE: Don't make us laugh. Microsoft knows better than we do.

Good luck!

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