Frequently-Asked Questions

How do I get money?

Newbies can get started by answering survey questions. The Surveyors will spiff you for each question you answer.

Anyone can earn good spiffage reporting verifiable bugs. We reward on a sliding scale based on severity of the bug. Go to town! One potentially highly lucrative source is the Help robot: there are a lot of omissions and occasionally errors in its responses; you can help to program it by reporting them.

Use your Skills. Thieves can steal. Other Roles can charge players for their services. Become an Energize entrepreneur!

Explore! There are Dinars on the ground, inside containers, under the couch cushions, in hidden caves, in the bushes. Usually the harder it is to find a particular cache, the bigger it is.

Up-to-date maps are always needed. The Cartographer Role is useful and lucrative.

Be a meat puppet.

If you like to write, the TriadCity online newspaper, The Adventurer, will pay for your published articles with your choice of Dinars or experience points. Their submission guidelines have the full scoop.

Many merchants will buy Items from you. Use the Value command to find out what they'll offer. Experienced characters can often help you learn which merchants are interested in which Items.

You can buy game bucks with Reward Points. Because Reward Points accumulate when you do helpful things like recruiting friends, this free source of buckage can be lucrative. You can also buy Reward Points if you like and trade them for Dinars. We appreciate it when you do this! It helps us keep the lights on.

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