Frequently-Asked Questions

What's the difference between my SmartMonsters membership and my TriadCity character(s)?

Your SmartMonsters membership gains you access to all the private, member-only areas of our Web site. These include write access to our bulletin boards, TriadCity, and future games. Your SM membership represents you: your name, your e-mail address, and so on. This is the real you we mean here; and, since there's only one of you, you have just one of these accounts.

By contrast, your TriadCity characters are fictional entities which you create as part of your participation in the "make believe" of TriadCity. You can create as many TC characters as you like, although you can visit TriadCity as just one of them at a time. Your TC characters aren't useful outside the context of the TriadCity game world: you can't access non-TC areas of the Web site using a TC character.

Is there any overlap between your SM membership and your TC characters? Yes, sort of. The main thing they have in common is your password. All of your TC characters share the password used by your SmartMonsters member account. We did this for sake of simplicity: just one password to remember. It might be helpful to think of it this way: your SM membership is the entity which controls all your access to our Website; your TC characters "belong" to it. Hopefully this makes sense.

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