Frequently-Asked Questions

What's the point of the game?, AKA, what am I trying to achieve by playing?

Without wanting to be coy, the answer really depends on what you want to achieve.

Many people come to TriadCity simply to explore and contribute to the virtual world. Others come to socialize, chat with friends and make new ones. Some love to hunt and kill imaginary monsters. Broadly speaking, the "point" of TriadCity is to grow your character , where "grow" means advance in learning, become more skilled, explore the imaginary world, make more friends, contribute more to the ongoing invention of TC's shared fiction, become rich, become powerful, become hated or loved or respected or whatever motivates that character. Or pursue some other motivation only you can imagine.

This means there can be different "points" for each of your characters, and those can be different than everybody else's characters. To us, that's the point: shape the personality and purpose of your characters to differentiate them from all others.

We hope you'll find this fun and absorbing!

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