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Seriously, we dunno why it took sooooo long to get a proper mobile web site online. We think we were intimidated. We'd sit around moaning, "OMG it's such a huuuuuge job, we don't even know where to start." Then we'd hold our heads in our hands and shake them from side to side. Our heads, not our hands.

We thought — well you know. We thought we'd have to copy by hand all 2000+ pages to a mobile-friendly format one-by-one, which would take, oh prolly, four hundred years. Something like that.

Then from the blue it suddenly occurred to us! Thanks to our commitment to accessibility, our pages are super nicely marked-up! Very neatly sectionalized, they are, into individually demarcated bitlets, which, here's the good part, are identically labeled on every page!

Why was this moment so exciting for us? Because — by golly! — we know a thing or two about computer programming. And — here's the good part — our web site is served by computers. Viola! We can write a simple filter which detects when you're accessing our site from a mobile device and post-processes each page based on its accessibility markup. Basically, we can chop up the pages and reassemble them coherently in a way that fits neatly onto smaller screens. No page copying! One simple filter and we're done!

So we did! It took a few hours. Now our web site displays nicely on mobile platforms, and Google's tools tell us it's cool. Higher rankings! More exposure! More players! More of everything good and holy.

Now we look back and laugh at what morons we were to not have this epiphany earlier. Like, maybe, ten years earlier.

OK maybe "laugh" isn't the right word. Point is, it's done, and it looks pretty alright ish. Cheers!

Stay safe out there! Meet you in the city!

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