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Temple Wolves

Persistent stories suggest the existence of packs of deadly wolves guarding the approaches to the Cathedral of Light and the Palace of Night.

The wolves guarding the Cathedral are reputed to be white. They're said to be hostile toward Evil-aligned characters; and to attack without warning.

Those guarding the Palace are said to be black. They're reputed to be hostile toward Good-aligned characters: and like their white counterparts, to attack without warning.

In both cases, it's said they attack singly and in packs. That is, an attack may begin by a single wolf, but other members of the pack will join. It's also said that the packs work in tight coordination, cutting off the retreat of characters who've violated their spaces.

No-one who's survived a wolf attack has been located. Yet, there is a certain amount of supporting evidence. One compelling example is the white wolf statues lining the trail leading through the Enchanted Garden to the Cathedral of Light. These have been reported by reliable witnesses to howl when Evil-aligned characters use the trail. Since these Evil characters disappeared, it seems reasonable to speculate that the howl was a trigger or signal of some kind, which was followed by a pack attack.

While it's not possible to conclusively confirm or deny these legends, prudence suggests that Evil-aligned characters should not approach the Cathedral of Light; while Good-aligned characters should likewise stay away from the Palace of Night.

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