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Vampire Lore, Part One

There are at least two types of Vampire in TriadCity.

High Vampires — this is what they call themselves — are charismatic, brilliant, addicted to bling, addicted to wealth, frequently in power. They're magnetically attractive and extraordinarily charming. When they need to, they can play down their Charisma — but they usually don't. For the most part they live in mansions and penthouses, are shy of the daylight, and probably will never invite you to their legendary parties. Unless they do.

Low Vampires — the High Vampires call them "Bat People" — dress like Bela Lugosi, sleep hanging upside-down from rafters or tree limbs, and take a very dim view of intruders. They have piercing red eyes which appear to glow in the dark. They're aggressive — they'll attempt to paralyze you with those magnetic red corneas; if they succeed they'll have you for dinner. They live in abandoned buildings, forests, dark places. Vampire Grove in the Park NorthWest is well-known to be one of their many dens. Don't go there alone.

All Vampires are known to posses two unique Skills not available to others. They can paralyze you with their stare, and they can Glamour you into a state of diminished objectivity, perceptivity, and volition. Rumor says they can erase memory: you may ask Occam for his opinion on that.

While Low Vampires are sluggish, High Vampires are extremely agile. They claim to be able to move faster than human sight can process — but there's no way to verify that independently. They're quite strong. But they have extremely weak constitutions — or so it's said. They need to feed frequently and they shy from physical confrontations they're unable to control.

The two groups detest each other and will not cooperate in joint activity of any kind. Some say the High Vampires will kill their Low cousins on sight. Another rumor impossible to verify.

Both groups are extremely squeamish. Some claim to have seen High Vampires actually pass out at the sight of blood. They prefer that others hunt for them. Hunting for themselves is considered inelegant — a low-rent kinda occupation — although when necessary they're extraordinarily skilled.

The many stories the High Vampires tell of themselves in the Vampire Theme Park must be taken with large grains of salt.

Vampires are more visible, that is, more outwardly public in NorthEast, yet it's often said that they control much of the Southern Third. No-one disputes the Central Computer's political authority. Whether the Vampires and the Computer coordinate is anyone's guess.

Vampires are not permitted in NorthWest and will be attacked when discovered, often by very large crowds.

Vampires cannot be harmed with ordinary weapons. No Sword from a shop will scratch them. They can be killed with the legendary wooden stakes, although silver is superior. Inside the Vampire Theme Park they claim that this legend is false; but they're lying.

Proceed with extreme caution. Vampire Hunter is one of the most dangerous Roles in the City.

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