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The Southern Third

Southerners will tell you that while NorthEast is the Land of Individualism, and NorthWest the Land of Cooperation, South is the Land of the Golden Mean. "All things in moderation" might be their most popular motto.

For instance, Southerners are proud of their independence from common civic affairs. The average Southerner probably couldn't tell you just how the Third is actually governed. There are legends of a Council which meets irregularly; but just who the Council members are and what they do is not usually stated with precision. Most matters are left to the routine and of course infallible judgment of the Central Computer; while life is meant to be enjoyed.

Average Southerners' most passionate commitments are probably to technology — the origin of general prosperity and freedom from repetitive tasks — and to free markets, celebrated there with almost religious fervor. The Southern Third is the home of many of the great technological innovations which have had such profound impact on society and culture across recent generations — as well as to their associated fortunes. Many Southerners can tell you all about the extraordinary nanotechnology powering their watches, their clothes, and their lawns; while the latest stock quotes are the most likely subjects of conversation in the many local smart bars.

Of course, every vibrant culture has its subcultures. The Southern Third is famous for its many flamboyant artists, actors, and bohemians, often concentrated in the charming and somewhat risqué neighborhood of the Mount of Martyrs. Yet culture is a wider thing than just art, and South is also home to TriadCity's ultra-modern Medical School; the Museum of Technology and Society; the Zoo; the Circus; and of course, TriadCity's champion baseball team, the Shimmering Socks of Many Colors. It has the best coffee bars in town; the most elite shops and stores; the best-inspected houses of prostitution; and, reputedly, the most powerful Gray Magicians.

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