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Sagas are virtual realities inside the game World. Similar to the Holodeck on Star Trek Next Generation or the Holosuites on Deep Space Nine, they're implemented as immersive mini-Worlds with realities of their own, where TriadCity characters can go to gain rapid experience, or simply experience a different reality than the City itself.

Some of these have different laws of physics than TriadCity. Inside the Midgaard Saga, death is not permanent. "Death" there results in loss of exp and perhaps your favorite equipment. But your character carries on. Future Sagas will extend these possibilities.

The Sagas are implemented by the Crystal Cavern Corporation, a business entity which exists only in the Southern Third. Usually a small fee is charged for entrance, although some are free. Fees may be charged should you choose to purchase specialized equipment inside the Saga. Sagas can be found throughout the Third. There's more in this MOTD.

Here's the list:

  • Angry Birds. Real World tweets fly around as TriadCity birds inside specially-purposed caves. Most of these are tweets from prominent American and European politicians. Not thrilled with Boris Johnson? Grab a specialized shotgun and blast his tweets to smithereens.
  • A Fistful of Newbies. Hack-and-slash heaven in a Wild West frontier town. Howdy pardner!
  • Hell. Because Hell is for newbies. A multi-level splatterfest where you can kill lots of people you probably don't like. How do you descend the levels? In a handbasket of course!
  • Junk Food Jungle. Attack of the giant 20-foot badass potato chip! A hack-and-slash arena where opponents' capabilities are adapted to yours.
  • Midgaard. Full-scale emulation of the core World from the 1990s-era DikuMUD / CircleMUD text adventure tradition. 1800+ Rooms, just as they were! With very different laws of physics — death is not permanent!
  • The Newbie Zone. Small-scale emulation of the Newbie Zone from Midgaard, with TriadCity laws of physics.

Note, for the sake of both fictional and historical accuracy, that while TriadCity's Sagas may seem familiar to fans of Star Trek, our implementation is actually more similar to Arthur C. Clarke's 1956 novel, The City and the Stars. Certain other aspects of the Southern Third derive from that same source. Enjoy!

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