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Etiquette: don't spam the OOC channel

TC has a chat channel called OOC, which stands for Out of Character. Its purpose is to allow players whose characters would normally be unfriendly respond in a helpful way to newbies who need to ask questions.

In TriadCity, it's considered very rude to use OOC to talk about things that are not game-related. Specifically, it really should only be used for newbie questions and help.

If you're new and a more experienced player asks you to cool your OOC jets, please do. They're not being unfriendly, they're just helping to keep TriadCity based on role-playing.

What should you do if you want to hang with friends and talk about sports or real life or anything else outside of your role-playing character? We suggest gathering your group together in the same TC place, and using the Say command. This way you'll all be able to chat with each other, without spamming the rest of the game world.


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