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Tips & Tricks: How To Write Useful Bug Reports

We appreciate your bug reports very much!

Here are some tips for making them as useful as possible:

  • If possible, bug from within the specific Room where the problem occurs. This lets us know where to look.
  • If you've done the above, you don't need to explicitly tell us what Room to look in. The Bug command logs that automatically.
  • Try not to assume that we know what you're talking about. Here's the most eggregious example: "It doesn't work." That's not useful because we don't know what you mean by "it", and we can't guess what you mean by "doesn't work". Try to describe what you expect to happen, and to note as clearly as possible what happens instead.
  • Be as long-winded as you need to be: but not too long-winded. Yah we know, that's not very helpful on our part. We're just saying, shorter reports are usually easier for us to read and follow. But, if you need to use more words to make the problem clear, then by all means!

Thank you! Very much appreciated!