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How To Use the Help Bot

TriadCity has a number of automated citizens of more, and usually less, intelligence. One of these is our automated HelpBot, a TC character who can answer basic questions about the game, the city, and a few other things. Simply Ask or Tell it your question, like this:

"tell help how do i gain experience?"

Although our goal is to build Help into a comprehensive resource, inevitably, there will be questions it'll be unable to answer. Often this is because we haven't anticipated the wording that's intuitive to you. If Help punks, try changing your wording. Try limiting it to a single word, or, if you've already done that, try asking in natural language. For example, try "password", or, "how do i reset my password".

Any time the bot is stumped, we're automatically notified. The question goes into a database of Help fails which we review frequently. It also triggers an email to its botmaster. Often we'll have the answer online in a few minutes.

Still there'll never be a comprehensive substitute for reading the Players' Guide and the FAQ. If you're familiar with those you may not need the Help bot at all.

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