How to Play TriadCity

The TriadCity Players' Guide


By Poobah, Grand Marshal and President For Life, TriadCity Pancreatic League

TriadCity is a new beginning for an old tradition, if that's not a totally pompous thing to say.

MUDs and other forms of text-based role-playing games have existed since before the beginning of measurable time. We're told they're fun, but they're not what interest us. My Pancreatic League colleagues and I seek to explore systematically the notion that these games can be stretched, as it were, into something similar, but different: new forms of fiction with their own structures, techniques, and characteristic idioms.

So this is our role: inventors of these techniques and idioms. Fortunately we're very ably assisted by our good friends at SmartMonsters, particularly Mark, who teams closely with me to code the technological marvels underlying the fabric of the TriadCity universe, as he likes to put it. We began working together many years ago, and since that time I'm no longer certain how I ever could have gotten along without him.

The Players' Guide you're reading exists because there aren't enough Pancreatics for us to be able to personally educate the increasing numbers of adventurers and other tourists who visit our City. I do hope, though, to have the chance to meet all of you personally. Just page me next time you're on, and we'll chat.

Like just about everything Triad, this Guide has begun as a sparse approximation of what it'll eventually become. We'll enhance it iteratively, as necessity dictates, or as the Muse inspires. Please check back often to see what's new.

Welcome to the City!