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This page gives some tips for finding money. I suggest a different order for newbies:

1. Explore. There are small amounts of coins scattered around, sometimes just there on the ground. Look inside couches, they're a good source of pocket change.

2. Answer survey questions. The Surveyors will give you enough coins to get started buying better gear.

3. There's a chest with 1,000 Dinars in Injun Joe's hideout inside McDougal's Cave. It repops, so you can go back again. Running the maze is easy. Bring a light. When there are few other players on, this source is all yours.

4. Kill things and sell their gear. All apologies to the nonviolent. Deathsuckers are good sources of expensive business suits which Cleargirdle and Cadaver will buy. They have limited funds, so you want to be the first to do this after a server boot. Cleargirdle's closed at night.

5. Go on treasure hunts; they gain you exp and money.

6. Buy Reward Points and trade them for Dinars. This helps keep the game going.

These are tips for newbies. Higher-level characters have better sources. Once you've got a Role after level 10 you can use your special Skills to clean up. I have a Thief character with two expensive houses and a million Dinars in the bank.

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