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Mark Phillips

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We're gonna implement GPS devices, which when queried will tell you the path from your present location to a destination you specify. These'll be "premium" items you'll buy with Reward Points. Their knowledge of the World(s) will be literally superficial, that is, they'll know the major surface neighborhoods, monuments, and businesses, but not the back alleys, secret caves, and hidden whathaveyous.

For example you'll be able to query "path to king", and you'll get back a string of letters listing the moves; something like "esseeseesse", which is a path from the southeastern corner of White Plaza to the Temple of the King. You'll be able to limit the output so that screen readers aren't overwhelmed with nonsense strings, e.g., "path to king limit 3)" will return "ess".

What major monuments or geographical locations should be included?

These are my thoughts but please chime in:

- the Temple of the King
- the subway stations
- the White, Black, and Gray Malls
- Merchant City, the Barras, St. Andrew's Scone
- the guilds that aren't hidden
- the three cathedrals
- the Vineyard
- the Tree of Life, Tree of Wealth, Friend Ship, Pirate Ship
- Virtual Vegas
- the Haunted Mansion
- the Royal Library
- the Royal Gardens
- maybe some of the more famous restaurants?

What else?

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Meghan Culber

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These should not be "premium". Blind players need them 'cos they can't use conventional online maps. The Monk on SI should give them to every new character.
Mistie Ansen

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I'm for this. Or if Help could give directions that would be great too.
Lisa Chau

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I think it would be simpler to upgrade Help to give directions.

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