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Caroline Mack

Joined: 2020.04.03 00:00:00
Messages: 5

What can we all do to help spread the word about TriadCity and the other wonderful games?

Some of us just had a convo about this while chatting in TC. Do the developers or others have suggestions for how players can help?
Meghan Culber

Joined: 2019.12.01 00:00:00
Messages: 107

* Write positive reviews on game sites.
* Like, share and repost Facebook and Twitter posts.
* Use the Refer a Friend link to send emails to gamers you know.
* Hang around online even when not really playing, to answer questions from newbies.
* Buy an elite subscription, give some bucks to the developers.
* Play Midgaard and Dungeon.
* Answer questions in the forums.
* Be online, so ppl see the games are active.
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