How to Play Midgaard

The Midgaard Players' Guide


Death is not permanent in Midgaard. That doesn't mean you should go seeking it out.

If you're killed in combat or for some other reason, you lose 25% of your accumulated Experience and are "reincarnated" at the Temple. You may well lose all the equipment you had with you — that all depends whether you or a friend can reach your corpse before it's looted by scavengers, or decomposes. Effectively this means that dying while far from the Temple can be more damaging than dying near the center of town. We suggest exploring in groups.

Note very carefully that while death in Midgaard is inconvenient, in TriadCity death is permanent. If you cross the world boundary into TriadCity the local laws of physics apply. Be careful out there.

In general, don't attack anything without Considering it first. Or go right ahead. Up to you.

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