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How To File the Perfect Bug Report

We're extremely grateful for your diligence in using the Bug command to let us know when things aren't right. "Not right" can mean anything from commands which fail to execute properly to typos in Room descriptions. We're so grateful that we'll spiff you for it: verified bug reports are rewarded with game bucks: the more severe the issue, the larger the reward.

In an environment as complex as Midgaard it can often take considerable effort for us to track down the origin of the problems you report. The more specific you can be, the more helpful for us. Here are some do's, and a few don'ts, which are sincerely appreciated:

  1. Please be in the Room where the problem occurs when using the Bug command. Your location is automatically added to the report. We need that to know where to begin.
  2. Please be as specific as possible. "There's a typo in the room description" forces us to search through potentially dozens of possibilities including studying code that generates or mediates the description that's ultimately shown to you. This blog entry has context. "Typo looking east: 'milions' should be 'millions'" gets us to the point quickly.
  3. Terser is gooder. If you can convey the specifics of the problem without unnecessary color you'll save us processing cycles. We're genuinely grateful.
  4. Please be thoughtful about how many Bugs to file. In a maze Zone where the Room descriptions are identical, it's ok to write, "Typo in the Room descriptions here: 'milions' should be 'millions'. But if you're in say a forest where the trees are differentiated, "Typo in several of the trees here: 'leeves' should be 'leaves'" fores us to hunt. It's better in this circumstance if you can move to each Room where 'leeves' occurs and Bug the individual instance.
  5. Sarcasm is a pure art form but in this context it's quite draining for the person parsing the reports. We're grateful if you can be both terse and neutral in tone.

Thank you! We greatly appreciate your diligence!

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