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The Midgaard Players' Guide

How To Enter Commands

You play Midgaard using words.

If you're using our GUIs, enter commands into the text box at the very bottom of the screen. That's the long, thin white area which is below everything else. Here's a (fuzzy) screen shot which shows it (sort of). See the text highlighted in blue at the bottom? (It says "chat have you seen all the new stuff?") That's the command field. Enter your commands there and hit enter/return. If you're using your favorite MUD client — do what you always do. 😊

Midgaard Applet client screenshot

For the most part, you'll want to enter commands in the imperative mood. You're giving commands, after all. So, usually, your commands will begin with a verb, and end with the object, as, "look at the shoes" This seems intuitive to us, and makes the job of the parser a lot simpler. But note that this isn't always the most intuitive way to phrase things. You're certainly welcome to "express astonishment over the awesome shoes", but, it's for sure less typing to "astonished shoes". You can also ask questions, such as "What time is it?" or "Who's on?" So there is flexibility.

True to its origins in the MUD tradition, Midgaard does have a terse proprietary command language, but, you don't have to use it. You can nearly always type natural English, which our parser will figure out. We do suggest that you become familiar with the "canonical" versions. These are often preferred by power users because they're less typing; and there may be times when the parser fails to figure out your charmingly quirky individual idioms. The canonical vocabulary is easy to learn. There are 20-ish commands you'll use frequently. Many more exist, but they're mostly there for fun and realism, and you only need them if you feel like it. Here's the complete Command Reference.

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