How to Play Midgaard

The Midgaard Players' Guide

Getting Started: What to do on your Very First Visit(s)

Here's your dilemma. To grow your character, you have to kill things. But, at level one your character is so weak that nearly everything it encounters will kill it instead.

The simplest solution by far is to group with someone higher-level who's happy to help you out. They'll do the lifting, you'll share the exp.

If you find yourself on your own, here's the drill.

Get a shield and club from the Donation Room, 1 east from the ATM at the Temple. Wear the shield; Wield the club.

Go back 1 west to the ATM at the Temple. From there, move 4 north and 1 east into the Newbie Zone.

Walk the halls learning the geography. It's a rectangle more or less. Do NOT open any doors. Several of the Rooms behind the doors contain aggressive NPCs which'll womp you at low level. When you find that a "creepy little crawling thing is scuttling along the floor at your feet," Kill it. Those are the only NPCs you can handle, and even that's dicey. Check your Health repeatedly. If it falls below 10, Flee. Successfully repeating this enough times will get you to level 2.

Food is the other problem you'll have to manage. You start with 100 gold coins in the bank; that'll buy you a few loaves of bread from the Baker in Midgaard town. Eventually you're going to have to kill stray dogs to stay alive. You can handle the fidos and the odifs who are wandering through the town. But you must be very careful not to be interrupted during combat by a Peacekeeper or a Cityguard. They're everywhere and they'll attack you if they find you fighting. So, stalk your mangy prey. The best locations are in Poor Alley away from The Common Square toward the city walls. Or even on Wall Road, if the dogs have wandered far enough. Before attacking, check that the Rooms on every side are clear of coppers. When you're ready, have at 'em. Their corpses contain one serving of mystery meat. You'll need two of those to get your hunger down from 300 ish to a negligible level.

That's the drill.

With a couple of levels under your belt you can hunt Newbie Zone NPCs which carry money. The Newbie Monsters have 250 gold coins and are the next easiest targets. Use their cash to buy leather armor from the Armorer in town. Buy a long sword from the Weapon Shop, get rid of the club. When you can afford it, buy a bronze helmet. The Newbie Monsters also have a vest which is better armor than any of the leather gear. Wear that until you can afford something bronze.

When you're feeling confident, open the door at the south-east corner of the Newbie Zone rectangle. Inside is a Newbie Alchemist with 1000 coins in his pocket. Take him out a few times to rev up your eq. When you're ready to graduate from the Newbie Zone, go after the pawns on the great chessboard on the other side of the Great Field.

There you go! Now you're a veteran.

Seriously though, the most fun is to join a group. Bring a Mage or two, a Warrior tank or two, a Cleric: go for the chessboard King! If you don't find a group when you login — bring your friends! You can tell them you're taking them through a time machine back to 1995. How cool is that?

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