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The Midgaard Players' Guide


It's a time machine!

MUDs and other forms of text-based role-playing games have existed since the 1960s. We look back on them with nostalgia, and with gratitude for their inventiveness and pioneer spirit — and for how much fun they can be!

Our Midgaard is an emulation of, and an homage to, one of the main lines of evolution of these earlier realms: the DikuMUD / CircleMUD World circa 1995. It's knights and dragons, Elves and Dwarves and monsters, Inns that serve mead, and strange green blobs that clean up the carnage you leave behind.

The TriadCity Pancreatic League are not the authors of this World. It was contributed back in the day by multiple authors at multiple times for multiple MUDs. May they live forever! The complete list is here.

Because Midgaard is an emulation, we do not plan to add to it. It's 1,891 Rooms of hack-and-slash heaven — exactly as it was, and should be.

It is possible to move between the Midgaard and TriadCity Worlds. And there will be more Worlds in this Universe, with their unique laws of physics and their unique challenges. We'll see you soon in either, or both, or all of them.

Welcome back to the Middle Ages!

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