TriadCity Message of the Day

Our last and final physical (hardware) servers have been retired. TriadCity now runs entirely in the fabulous cloud.

We've made this change in part to save money: we're able to leverage Amazon Web Services' extraordinary economy of scale. And pass the savings on to you! Ahem. The new TriadCity virtual machines have roughly twice the compute horsepower as our only three-year-old server hardware, at roughly half the monthly cost. So there's that.

But as importantly, we're able to leverage the ever-growing ecology of technologies and services which AWS makes possible. Their pace of innovation is unprecedented in the history of technology. We're happily married.

We want to thank our excellent colo hosts, Osiris Communications, for 10+ years of superb service. It feels strange to be moving on after so much time together!

Our list of technologies includes more information re the AWS services we currently leverage.

Meet you in the City!

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