TriadCity Message of the Day

Thank you to the many folks who've joined us yesterday and today and are enthusiastically helping to iron the kinks out of access via newly-enabled MUD clients.

To show our appreciation, we've got a badass spiff for ya. Anyone who gets a character to level 2 over the next few days will receive a "TriadCity MUD Client Class of 2019 Class Ring". It's +25 armor, and... wait for it... permanent Fast Heal at a level roughly twice that of the sachets our best Herbalists are able to make. Basically this means very little resting will be needed for the rest of your days.

This is tradition! Way back when TriadCity opened for Alpha testing in the Summer of 2001 we gave out similar rings, with different characteristics. Those are now the prized possession of our most veteran players.

We've already received many excellent suggestions for making the experience of TriadCity via MUD clients smoother and more intuitive. Thanks so much!

To collect your ring, talk to Poobah, TelGar, or Mark when you see them online. Other Game Wardens may have them as well — ask!

Meet you in The City!

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