TriadCity Message of the Day

Dust Bunnies are pesky little microminiature poltergeists which invade Player Houses and mess things up. Think of them as supernatural termites.

There's just one way to rid your home of them. Vacuum them up.

Vacuums of various strengths and capacities, from miniature dustbusters to full-scale industrial behemoths are available from where you'd imagine they'd be. And perhaps from where you might not think to look.

When your vacuum is full, it'll have to be Drained. Large-scale receptacles are located — pretty much where you'd imagine they'd be.

Granted this is all very silly, it has a deeper purpose which'll become clear in a few days. That's also very silly, but it's very silly in a deeper kindof very sill way. Deeply silly, you might say. Watch this space.

Meet you in The City!

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