TriadCity Message of the Day

We're continuing to enhance the TC environment for improved accessibility and detail.

You've always had the ability to "look <direction>" for visual description of what you might find in the next Room. We've now added the ability to "listen <direction>" and "smell <direction>" for additional information. This enables the TriadCity World to evolve in a somewhat less vision-centric direction — and provides new opportunities for World authors to create interesting challenges.

At the same time, we're eliminating legacy vision-based restrictions on in-world actions. For example, there are situations in which Exits might become impossible to find if the character's See Skill is below a certain threshold. Characters can actually become trapped inside Rooms which, to them, appear to have no Exits. (A higher-level character will come to assist.) We're still going to want the character to have sharp sense Skills, but we're adding sound, touch, and smell to the mix. In that situation where the character's See Skill doesn't un-hide the Exits, perhaps their Hear Skill or Touch Skill will. There are no longer any situations in the game World in which vision is the sole option. Note that this happens automatically — you're not required to do anything differently. Exits, Items, and Characters you're able to sense will be displayed for you by the system.

New Room development will include the sound and smell descriptions for all six directions. Retrofitting 20,000+ existing Rooms will go forward haphazardly, probably starting with Sanctuary Island and following the most typical paths newbies take while exploring. But we're making no commitments to completion dates. 🤪

There is a lot of development of new "laws of physics" in progress right now to enable new World-features we're excited about. We'll tell you more here over the next couple of weeks.

Meet you in The City!

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