TriadCity Message of the Day

For Halloween: the NorthEastern Third's supremely spooked-up Haunted Mansion is open for adventuring.

In one way the Mansion is a classic old-school hack-and-slash challenge where the opponents are tougher the higher you climb. But this is TriadCity, and it's Halloween, and the Mansion has received the full-on treatment.

To begin with, your weapons won't work. 'Cos, sensibly enough, you can't kill ghosts with swords. You can't actually kill ghosts at all, them being already dead and all. Like dust bunnies you have to vacuum them up: the stronger the ghost, the more vacuuming power you'll need.

But that's the simple stuffs. Beyond them you'll find: rooms that change and move; mirrors that show your future; echoes and imprints of fallen comrades; extremely dangerous zombies; severed limbs; indoor lightning and thunder; walls that talk and drip blood; perhaps even echoes of your past selves. And of course, very many pop culture references — and very very very many jokes. This only scratches the surface, and, there's more coming. In future there'll be a chance to dance with the Ghost Queen; skeletons which challenge you to play chess; portals to very strange places; ghosts who'll read your tarot cards; and lotso other fun ideas we weren't able to complete in time for Halloween launch. Watch this space.

Today the Mansion is early alpha — that is, not fully tested. We've struggled mightily to ready it for Halloween release — significantly delayed by the fires and blackouts in Northern California over the last two weeks. Mercifully we've been merely inconvenienced — no fires in our neighborhood. But we have lost days we were hoping to put to good use. The Mansion will be fully baked as soon as possible — give us a few more days.

But for right now: welcome to the party! There's candy inside the jack-o-lantern in the ground floor family room. Make yourself at home! We hope your stay won't turn out to be permanent.

Meet you in The City!

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