TriadCity Message of the Day

TriadCity Server introduces a subtle change which you should be aware of to your character's perceptibility when hidden.

Until now, hiding has made you more difficult to perceive via any sense. That's not entirely realistic, though, as there's no reason why someone hidden in a corner or behind a couch couldn't be smellable by characters with very high Smell Skill. "Fee-fie-fo-fum!"

Now, characters with high Smell Skill will sniff you out even while hidden — unless you take steps to make yourself more difficult to smell.

Such as: deodorant! Now available for sale in many of the more popular drug stores.

Or for a more permanent solution, you can use Reward Points to buy a Stealth Cube which will render you almost entirely undetectable by any sense.

If you're simply Sneaking, Peeking and Stealing from deathsuckers around the Ash Tray club in NorthEast, this isn't going to matter. If you're trying to use your Skills in a more advanced location such as Capitoline, you'd best slather on the chemicals. Otherwise, things could go very wrong.

Meet you in The City!

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