TriadCity Message of the Day

Three new Premium Items are available for purchase with Reward Points. They're major gnarly:

— A CrimeNet Detector is a small metal box — highly illegal we might point out — so don't get caught with one — which is able to read the super-secret encrypted superlatively secure communication chit chat between CrimeNet sensors and the Central Computer's all-knowing AI grid. For your evidently law-scoffing purposes, just look at its LED. If it blinks red, CrimeNet is monitoring the Room you currently occupy and you're probably better off cooling your jets. If it blinks green, the Room is clear of CrimeNet surveillance, which is a ten-dollar way of saying the coast is clear baby. Why would anybody care? Hmmmm... 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔

— A Stealth Box increases your ability to Hide, Sneak, Steal, Backstab, and generally go undetected. It'll render you more difficult to see, hear, smell, touch or taste. We anticipate these will be highly prized by Thieves, by which we mean, everyday law-abiding citizen taxpayers who just by the strangest mishap after taking a wrong turn happen to find themselves inside the Treasure Room of the NorthEastern Third at the exact moment when twelve Ninja Guards wearing Full-Spectrum Light Goggles happen to wander by on their highly predictable rounds. 'Cos coincidences happen.

— A CrimeNet BioScanner is a wearable CrimeNet sensor which continually monitors the Room for illegal activities. Wearing one renders you all but immune to theft or assault by NPCs who care about being added to the wanted list. This will not include rats or ghouls or arachnids or Blackshirts. It may well include Francois Prelati. It's like a Lo-Jack for your wallet. We anticipate these will be highly prized by adventurers exploring difficult or out-of-the-way neighborhoods for the first time. Or by highly paranoid stay-at-home Caucasians over age ninety who own guns and vote Republican. Like, my mom.

Premium Items can be purchased only with Reward Points. They can't be Donated, Junked, Recycled, Trashed, Valued, or Sold. You can earn Reward Points by referring friends to TriadCity or contributing in creative ways to the game world. You're also very welcome to buy them for U.S. Dollars, which we greatly appreciate. This is our only source of income — we're grateful for your help keeping the lights on!

Thanks! Meet you in The City!

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