TriadCity Message of the Day

We haven't been updating the crypts and their associated memorial scrolls inside the Mausoleum. Frankly it was a PITA to hand-roll the necessary Items, where each had to be customized for the circumstances of the deceased.

Instead we've eliminated the obstacle by automating the entire process. There are, after all, computers involved here.

At each server boot the entire Mausoleum is dynamically generated from scratch. Crypt scrolls and the crypt Rooms holding them are put together on the fly by the Central Computer with instructions from our overworked-but-jubilant Code Warriors.

Like the Winery, the Mausoleum is an excellent source of experience from exploration. Reading the scrolls is worth 6 exp each, and as of today there are about 400 of them. Outside in the Cemetery, the tombstones are equally rewarding. Note carefully though that unlike the Winery, the Cemetery and its environs are not benign. Like the night, the neighborhood is dark and full of terrors. Be especially careful about opening graves. No matter how silly its tombstone, the residents will not be happy to receive guests.

Please do use the crypt scrolls to pay your respects to our fallen adventurers.

Meet you in The City!

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