TriadCity Message of the Day

With the addition of Midgaard, TriadCity has graduated from a World to a Universe.

How to know who's logged-in to either or both Worlds? With the newly-augmented Who command.

Now if you type simply 'who' you'll retrieve the list of logins inside your current World, meaning, the World where you're standing at the moment you type the command. Type 'who' in TriadCity, you'll see everyone currently visiting the TriadCity World; similarly type 'who' in Midgaard for the Midgaard logins.

Or you can specify the World to query. 'who midgaard' gets you the Midgaard list, and naturally 'who triadcity' the TriadCity list. This way you can check for friends in either World.

For everyone in the Universe, type 'who all'.

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