TriadCity Message of the Day

Since the beginning of TriadCity we've had the tradition of celebrating every 500th new Room with a commemorative plaque. The plaque provides a small exp spiff and generally is a happy memento of hard work well done.

Circumstances are complicated nowadays as we add ever larger numbers of Rooms that are generated dynamically. For example, crypt scrolls and Rooms containing them are generated at server boot from the database of player deaths. We also have Midgaard; and a new sizable neighborhood coming online shortly which is entirely computer-generated.

Going forward we'll count handwritten Rooms separately from those generated algorithmically. Celebration plaques will live in the former only.

P.S., the locations of all these plaques would be a good topic for the lore forum. Maybe also a "quest", were we to start having them. What do you think?

Meet you in The City!

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