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Demand has been vocal to better enable newbies who are more interested in hack-and-slash than in exploration to gain their early levels.

Our friends at the Crystal Canyon Corporation have obliged with three new Sagas. All three are balanced for TriadCity characters at levels 4 – 10. They're free, they're fun, and they're all about that MUD-style kill-everything-whether-it-moves-or-not game play.

The Newbie Zone is an emulation of our own emulation of the Newbie Zone of Midgaard. The Rooms, NPCs, and Items are the same, with the same values. Granted TriadCity isn't Midgaard, game play is subtly different. In particular, we won't let you into the TriadCity version below level 4, which is necessary to give your character time to Learn the Learn, Hit, and Flee Skills, all of which are crucial in a World where death is permanent. Once there, start off killing the creepy-crawlers; graduate to the newbie monsters, the clueless newbies, the quasits, the baby dragon, and up to the Great Minotaur, carefully advancing from one to the next as you gain levels.

Hell is for Newbies. The Hell Saga currently implements the first two circles of Hell, in what will grow to become seven or eight circles altogether, where as you descend circle-by-circle, the opponents become more challenging and more aggressive. We won't spoil the jokes here, but, our testers think they're pretty funny.

A Fistful of Newbies is a frontier silver mining and cattle town in the American Wild West. On arrival you'll find yourself promoted to Sheriff ‐ although it's not clear the "good guys" are any better than the bad. This Saga is more like Zork than traditional MUDs, in that there's a finite number of Rooms and puzzle-solving is necessary to advance into them all. Yippie yi yay, pardner!

Each of these Sagas contains Items which are useful there. An obvious example is the pitchforks wielded by the demons inside the Hell Saga. Another is the Colt Peacemaker pistols in A Fistful of Newbies. You can loot corpses for these weapons and Wield them inside the Saga without requiring the usual TriadCity weapon skills. There are also Items of clothing and other potential armor. You can use these as you like inside the Saga — but you can't take them out of the Saga itself. As with everything else inside Sagas, these Items are holographic projections, not truly "real". They're instantly destroyed when you try to bring them outside the Saga. NOTE: this is now true also of the shotguns in Angry Birds.

Our testing has shown it's possible to level up quite quickly here. Experienced players starting new characters may choose to use this resource rather than exploration. It's close to Sanctuary Island and if you're into BSU it's really pretty fun.

All three Sagas are inside the Noobatorium, at the very northeastern corner of the Park South.

Meet you in The City!

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