TriadCity Message of the Day

Strengths and abilities of TriadCity characters inside the Midgaard world are continually evaluated and recalibrated as we prepare to move Midgaard from beta to version 1.0. Nearly every server code push includes dynamic changes to TriadCity characters' armor, hitroll, and damroll attributes while inside Midgaard, and their exp gains. Our goal is to balance as best we can the capabilities of visiting TriadCity characters with those of Midgaard natives, taking into account the very different "laws of physics" of the two worlds.

For those TriadCity players who've been grinding on the Midgaard chessboard, please note that with today's code push, exp gain in Midgaard has been substantially limited. After a certain threshold, exp gain for repeatedly killing the same NPC begins to decline. Once you've killed enough pawns or bishops or rooks, you'll no longer gain enough to make it worthwhile. Many DikuMUD derivatives implement this policy globally; as of today we've done it only for TriadCity characters inside the Midgaard world. The change serves two purposes. First, to ensure that the central areas of the Midgaard world have their appropriate resources available for Midgaard newbies. Second, to encourage exploration of Midgaard as a whole. There are 1800 rooms there, filled with clever and classic ideas. We hope to find them all being fully appreciated.

There are certain to be more evolutionary changes as we move Midgaard toward readiness for general release. Watch this space, and be sure to check the Midgaard MOTD as well.

Stay safe out there! Meet you in the city!

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