TriadCity Message of the Day

While we were asleep, TriadCity's superbly productive crew of Menehune Elves completed the City's grid of surface streets connecting everything to everything else. It's now possible to walk from the Cathedral of Light to the Castle, or the Palace of Night to the Acropelipse, without taking a train. Should you so desire.

The immediate impetus is to enable a greater range of NPC movement throughout the City. We'll start to see roving explorers like the NorthWestern or Southern teens turning up in remote corners they've never visited until now. More interestingly, we'll see some sophisticated new AI we'll tell you about when we get there.

A totally ancillary benefit is that now all but one of the Metro stations are connected to surface streets. Academy, Observatory, Agora, Mount of Martyrs, Senate, and Castle all now enable you to pop your heads up like gophers and walk home if you like. The lone holdout is Crystal Hill, which is separated from the arterial street grid by miles of Dharavi and two layers of Dharavi walls. That statement will eventually make sense.

Naturally, much of the grid is empty. You'll find a lot of arterial street Rooms without buildings for them to connect. One cool implication though is that if you like exploring and are interested in the future shape of the City, you can learn where construction will eventually build new neighborhoods and features. (If empty lots bother you, pretend you didn't see them.)

Mainly though, expect to see more movement in more places than you're used to.

Stay safe out there! Meet you in the city!

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