TriadCity Message of the Day

The special administrative Role "Game Warden" has been retired.

Game Wardenship dates from the prehistory of MMORPGs, in a universe before WoW siphoned off the 14-year-olds and imagination-challenged adults who liked to get into flame wars and generally misbehave. GW's had limited powers to temporarily deny Chat commands and other weapons of mass abuse from miscreants ignoring warnings — our version of the "cool down" rooms and similar mechanisms in conventional MUDs. It's been a very long time though since those powers needed to be used. More than crediting WoW, we should underscore the congenial, collaborative player culture y'all have built over many years. We're acknowledging the happy reality and pulling the plug.

Many many many thanks to the small cadre of Game Wardens who volunteered over the years. Anderr, Calo, Church, Furtive, Goddess, Gwene, Psyche, Qimson, Rethor, TelGar, Vohno, Zensekai: thanks so much!

Stay safe out there! Meet you in the city!

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