TriadCity Message of the Day

Per player request, it's now possible when going "over" exp–to–level to shed "surplus" exp by spending Reward Points. Type 'rp perfect 0'. Your exp–to–level will be set to 0, your total exp will be reduced by the amount you were "over", and you'll be 10 RPs lighter.

This is intended for players who make a game–within–the–game by challenging themselves to hit each new level threshold at exactly 0.

We want to underscore here that hitting levels at "perfect zero" isn't necessary for successful character development. There's a misconception you'll hear now and then that going "over" is detrimental in the long run because it causes exp–to–level thresholds to increase at higher levels. It's true that exp–to–level does depend on total exp. But, if we're only talking a few points, the difference is trivial. For example, if you go "over" by 15 points on reaching level 10, going from level 19 to 20 will cost about 2000 more points than if you'd hit level 10 at perfect 0. For most players at level 19 that's just a few minutes of game play. 10 maybe. It's really nothing to stress over. We highlight this here because we really don't want you spending RPs unnecessarily. If you've somehow gone 20k over, or if you're gaming your "perfect zeros", then by all means have at it. Otherwise, we suggest investing the RPs on something that provides more reward.

Stay safe out there! Meet you in the city!

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